We have currently developed algorithms for detecting breast (mammography) and chest X-Ray abnormalities. Soon we will have other modalities and body parts. Stay tuned!

Quality Control

Increase accuracy and reduce recall rate by comparing Aquila’s results with radiologists' results. Our platform will provide a report with the % of mismatch between man and machine, allowing imaging centers and hospitals to have a quality control system in place and analyse whether certain exams need to be re-interpreted.

Double Reading/Decision Support

Increase accuracy by providing a virtual radiologist to detect diseases at the same time as the radiologist. This process allows radiologists to view Aquila’s opinion before, during, or after his/her analysis.



Increase productivity by separating your current flow into normal and abnormal. By doing that radiologists can prioritize their worklist. When they arrive at the office in the morning, with a rested mind, radiologists can opt to read the high risk cases first. This new process allow radiologists to be quicker without jeopardizing quality.

Our Story

Aquila was founded in 2017, when Fernando, co-founder of the second largest PACS and RIS company in South America, saw the possibility of using AI to support radiologists to increase the confidence in diagnosis. He decided to assemble a killer team with diverse expertise and experiences to tackle the problem. Rod is a growth aficionado and has experience in scaling small businesses, Miguel is a seasoned machine learning expert and Marco has extensive experience in building and scaling health IT platforms.

For those wondering about the name, Aquila, means "eagle" in Latin. Just like eagles, machines can "see" things the human eye can't. However, machines can't make the complex decisions humans can. That's why we are strong believers that machines AND humans should join efforts to achieve better results in medicine.

Our Vision

We believe in machines helping humans, not replacing them. Our vision is to create a world where radiologists use AI to have a flawless diagnosis at an increased speed, providing a much higher care delivery and, ultimately, saving lives.

Our Technology

We use proprietary machine learning algorithms to read medical imaging and detect diseases for breast and chest x-ray with accuracy above 90%. By using our algorithms, radiologists can achieve higher detection rates and reduce recall rates.


The Team

Rod Greco

CEO & Co-founder

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Co-Founder - Fernando.jpg

Fernando Peixoto

Chief Strategist & Co-founder

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Miguel Pedroso

Ai Researcher

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Marco Vivan


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Our Advisors


Dr. Aron Belfer


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Darryl Meeks


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Thiago Rossato


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Press Release

Hospital de Barretos utiliza AI pra auxiliar na mamografia

Hospital usa inteligência artificial para tornar mamografia mais rápida em Barretos, SP.

Hospital de Amor usa AI para mamografia

Sistema analisa exames por meio de banco de dados de imagens. Com a tecnologia, Hospital de Amor quer duplicar número de diagnósticos realizados e atender 4 mil pacientes diariamente.

O contributo das startups na área da saúde

Neste artigo vamos contar-lhe o que é que a Healthcare City, uma incubadora de startups na área da saúde e bem-estar em Portugal, está a fazer com as suas startups.

Startup of the Year

Aquila Med elected startup of the year 2018 by Healthcare City.

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